The Hottest Trend in Floral Design Right Now

Lately you have seen bridal magazines, Instagram, and your friends’ weddings being blown away by this amazing floral trend that I just love – luscious greens and fluffy roses. I call these flowers “fluffy bunnies”, but they are actually Garden Roses. How boring is that.. But NOT ONLY are you seeing the most stunning floral designs but yep.. you guessed it!- so many INSTALS! I am always blown away by the latest and greatest designs and, well, I have been doing these bad boys since 2014! Crazy, right?! 

So I am going to explain to you the MANY ways you can have instals at your wedding or special event! Below you can find an image of a hanging installation that I created just this past April. Serious fluffy bunnies going on here. 

Hanging Floral Install

I am that girl, so definition coming right at ya. 

Install [in-stawl]: to place in position or connect for service or use. to establish in a beautiful setting making your event look bomb and all of your guests go “oh my lord”. 

Okay yes, I made up the last part. But did you know that an install doesn’t have to be hanging?! For example… look BELOW!!


Floral Install


STUNNING, RIGHT?! No wonder these are the biggest trend right now with floral. I absolutely loving coming up with fresh ideas for my clients. If there is a space, there are MANY ways to do installs. And honestly, with a show stopping install, you can still get away with a very subtle look. A ton of my clients love this look especially if they are wanting a very organic and lush look. All it takes is tons of greens and vines and pops of berries and you will have the most stunning event of all!!

Check out more beautiful ideas to incorporate this floral design trend in my portfolio.

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